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    Note: You already have been assigned a permit number If you have received an invoice from the San Diego Police Department regarding a pending permit, a non-registration fee, and/or an invoice for a false alarm violation. You will not be permitted to create a duplicate permit. Please refer to top right corner of your invoice for the permit number.

    The majority of alarms the San Diego Police and Fire-Rescue Departments respond to are false, resulting in an enormous waste of resources. False alarms create an unnecessary danger to citizens, police officers, and firefighters.

    The City of San Diego requires 2 permits for monitored systems. A permit with the Police Department for monitored systems that detect burglary and robbery and a permit with the Fire-Rescue Department for monitored systems that detect fire, harmful gas, and smoke. These permits are required for all monitored alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties.

    Click on the False Alarm Prevention button listed below for a list of fees and penalties associated with false alarms, as well as for frequently asked questions.

    ATTENTION ALARM USERS: Please do not create new alarm permits if you have an existing permit. Duplicate permits will result in multiple invoices being generated for the same address. Alarm users should only have a maximum of one residential or commercial permit per alarm for Fire and/or Police. If you are unable to access your existing permit, please email the respective Alarm Administrators using the following email:

    Police: alarmadministrator@pd.sandiego.gov
    Fire: firealarmsclerk@sandiego.gov


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